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Call for abstracts | ISA Forum of Sociology (Vienna 2016)

rd ISA Forum of Sociology

The Futures We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World


RC10 – Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self-Management

Session on the theme “The Impacts of the Debt Crisis on the World of Work in Southern Europe”


July 10-14, 2016

Vienna, Austria



  • Session description

The current crisis has strongly affected the southern European countries, especially those that required financial assistance. Changes in labour law and collective bargaining, cuts in social benefits and salaries, high rates of unemployment among young people and soaring levels of emigration indicate the multiple ways in which these societies have been under pressure. In addition, the Greek case has shown that the analysis of the effects of the European debt crisis cannot be dissociated from a reflection on the meaning and place of solidarity in the European Project.

As the fights for the futures we want involve a global sociology, this session aims to debate the impacts of the debt crisis in the world of work, by considering the trends observed in Southern Europe. The discussion is also expected to address the role of European institutions in designing mechanisms that promote solidarity among individual member states.

Bearing in mind the experience of the countries under analysis, we invite proposals that address questions such as: What are the effects of the debt crisis on the level and quality of employment of different social groups? What are its implications on the regulation of employment? How does trade unionism interact with the development of protest movements? How can European institutions promote labour standards and social welfare through effective forms of cooperation between member states?

We therefore welcome papers that discuss the impacts of this crisis on employment and industrial relations in southern Europe and consider the construction of the European project.


  • Session organizers:

Maria da Conceição Cerdeira (SOCIUS/ISEG – ULisboa)

Fátima Assunção (ISCSP-ULisboa)


Abstract submission deadline:

30 September 2015


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