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FCT 2015 Individual Projects

During the 2015 FCT call for individual projects, UECE researchers had a success rate of 43%, with 3 projects that have UECE as the Principal Research Organisation being awarded funding, which compares with the national success rate of 13%. In addition, another successful project that has UECE as a Participating Organisation was also funded.

Congratulations are due to the UECE researchers involved in these successful applications: António Afonso, João Ferreira do Amaral, Sofia Franco, Filomena Garcia, João Carlos Lopes, Luca Opromolla, Joana Pais and Ettore Panetti.

Financed projects:

UECE as the Principal Organisation
​PTDC/IIM-ECO/4546/2014 – Theory and Experiments in Matching Markets
PTDC/IIM-ECO/5389/2014 – Yields, Financial, Macro and Fiscal Interactions
PTDC/IIM-ECO/6337/2014 – Connecting the Real Economy and the Financial System: Theory and Empirics
UECE as a Participating Organisation
​PTDC/ATP-DEM/0441/2014 – Portugal: Regional Integration of Demography and Economy