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ISEG Career Services Ambassador Program

Are you that kind of leader everyone in your group enjoys to follow? or Do you feel the master of entertainment among your fellows? We want you networkers!

We are now looking for passionate ISEG Career Services campaigners that can help us empowering our community! We want to get a stronger connection between our students and the job market! And we are counting on you to get more awareness on students voice and perspectives, as well as to hear what are the trendy companies and the best places to jump in!

Our commitment:  

To provide closer contact with Career Services team 

To organize exclusive activities for you 

Give privileged selection in activities subject to registration and with a limit of participants Offer the opportunity to deeply develop hard and soft skills  

Recognition as an ISEG Career Services Ambassador 

Your commitment:  

Promote the approach of all students to ISEG Career Services.  

Represent ISEG Career Services to your colleagues  

Share information relative to careers, online platforms, events and job/internship opportunities  

Possibility of participating in the organisation of activities with companies and/or suggest topics that may be relevant to your degree/ areas of interest.  

Establish contact between ISEG Career Services and companies of your network that you consider relevant to our community 

The selection process will be based on your CV, Motivation Letter and Interview!

We will select one ambassador per year, from each bachelor’s and master’s course! 

Don’t miss the opportunity, and let’s make this the most successful community for people to work on their dream jobs!

Applications open until October 18th here: ISEG Career Services Ambassador Program (