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5th Infosec Week & Cyber Bootcamp

12 Out / 16 Out das 10:00 às 00:00

In order to innovate the annual activities of Cybersecurity month, ShadowSEC innovate this issue doing a Cyber Bootcamp, with the main objective of sharing knowledge.


Since 2011 ShadowSEC has held an Awareness event within the framework of the European Cyber ​​Security Month – ECSM and since 2012 with the cooperation of GNS (National Security Cabinet Office), since 2014 with CNCS (the newly created National Cybersecurity Centre) and the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment), always supported by ENISA.



From 12
th to 16
th October ShadowSEC will take place the 5
th edition of Infosec Week activities, where will be given lectures, a round table and hands on workshops, aiming to discuss and understand key national and international trends on Cyber Security.


What delegates can expected:


  • Lectures –  Audience of 100/150 participants (Free Admission) 

  • Round Table – Audience of 100/150 participants (Free Admission)

  • Workshops –  Audience of 15 participants per session  (Free Admission)


This event is essential for:

ICT Professionals, System Administrators,Systems Information Managers, Managers of Business Continuity and Risk Management, Auditors, Students, CISOs, Security professionals, Army, Defense, etc.


The ShadowSEC expects to receive full support from private and public companies, associations and professionals operating in the sector of Information Security, that wish to share information on the topic of cybersecurity.


Key Topics

  • Cyber Security 

  • Cyber Defense 

  • Cloud Computing 

  • Cybercrime Legislation 

  • Pentesting 

  • Mobile Security 

  • Risk Management 

  • Business Continuity 

  • Awareness 

  • Audit of Information Systems 

  • Responding to Security Incidents 

  • Training and Professional Certification 

  • Data Privacy and Data Security 

  • Social Network

  • Database Security 

  • DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) 

  • Anti-Fraud Techniques

  • Whitehat Hacking

  • Internet of Things

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


Join this initiative and contribute to sharing knowledge.


The registrations will be open soon!







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