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AGILE ORGANIZATIONS: Turning Workplaces Resilient, Successful and Human Centric

11 Mar das 11:00 às 16:00




Within a constantly evolving business climate, an organization’s ability to move quickly and effectively anticipate and take advantage of change is crucial. In this environment, an agile business that can move strategically, operating with an embedded discipline of both cost and growth refinement, gains a “survivability edge” over its competitors.
What are the factors that create an agile organization? How can leaders encourage a culture of agility throughout every part of their organization? How can each part of the company execute the core of its business while remaining open to new market and new technologies and adapting to meet them?

Join us on March 11th at ISEG for a stimulating, thought provoking and experiential workshop where Karen Caramelo and Ángel Agueda from Evergreen will take us through a journey of insights and reflection, learning the Agile Mindset and some of the practices that are key for organizations to develop safe human-centric environments that enhances collaboration.

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