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CEMAPRE | V Iberian Congress of Actuaries

06 Jun / 07 Jun das 10:00 às 00:00



The Instituto dos Actuários Portugueses, in conjunction with the Instituto de Actuarios Españoles, Col·legi d'Actuaris de Catalunya, and the Euskal Herriko Actuarioen Elkargoa, are organizing the  V Iberian Congress of Actuaries, due to be held in Lisbon from 6th – 7th June 2016.

The aim of the congress is to act as a meeting point for professionals, academics, researchers and supervisors from the sector, and is open to all those engaged in actuarial fields, finance and risk management. Moreover, our prime goal at this congress is to provide a forum to present new ideas on the subject which can help to both further and enrich the profession in which we operate.  

It is still open the possibility to present a paper or a presentation in the Iberian congress. Please profit from this opportunity.  

For further information, visit the  website .