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ISEG 2S | Testing non-nested models for non-negative data with many zeros

20 Mai das 11:30 às 11:31
Quelhas 6 | Floor 3 | Delta Room



João Santos Silva

University of Essex


Testing non-nested models for non-negative data with many zeros

Jointly with:

CEMAPRE Seminars


In economic applications it is often the case that the variate of interest is non-negative and its distribution has a mass-point at zero. Many regression strategies have been proposed to deal with data of this type but, although there has been a long debate in the literature on the appropriateness of different models, formal statistical tests to choose between the competing specifications are not often used in practice. We use the non-nested hypothesis testing framework of Davidson and MacKinnon (1981, "Several tests for model specification in the presence of alternative hypotheses," Econometrica, 49, 781-793) to develop a novel and simple regression-based specification test that can be used to discriminate between these models.

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