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Eventos Institucionais

MIT PORTUGAL | Sustainable Energy System | Welcome Session

26 Set das 18:00 às 18:01
Aud. CGD | Quelhas

6h00 pm | Welcome address

Prof José António Correia Pereirinha (ISEG) / Prof. Paulo Ferrão (IST)/ Prof. Muradali Ibrahimo (ISEG)

6h10 pm | Presentation of the PHD and Executive Master Program´s

Prof. Carlos Silva (IST)

6h30 pm | Talk: "Structural and Strategic changes in Oil, Gas and Energy Markets: from geopolitics to technologies and the search of sustainable solutions"

Prof. António Costa Silva

Chairman of the Management Commission – Partex Oil and Gas

"This presentation will address the current changes in the world energy markets discussing the interaction among GDP growth, population and primary energy consumption. It will identify the key energy game changers form the shale gas revolution, the Macondo Oil Spill and Iraq potential to the Fukushima nuclear accident and the Arab Spring. The climate change and implications for the energy sustainability will be discussed together with the technological solutions that are emerging for the transportation and for the electrical and thermal generation systems. Finally the case of Portugal will be addressed with a vision for the future"

7h15 pm | Coffee Break