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Webinar ULab ISEG | Revolution in the workplace: the organisations of the 21st century – David Cunha and Gonçalo Pereira

17 Mar das 18:30 às 19:30

Join us online on the 17th March at 18.30 and meet Agile Thinkers!

Business leaders have aspired to create flexible and inspiring organisations for many decades, however their day-to-day reality is one of silos, delayed innovation, and slow processes. In response, organisations are increasingly implementing transformation programmes, sometimes once, and sometimes many times during a decade, even though survey after survey continues to show that the vast majority of employees are disengaged at work and that trust in businesses by customers is at an all-time low.

Organisations need to find the right balance between managing and improving day-to-day operations, whilst at the same maintain a flow of innovation to satisfy their customers and create a good work environment for their employees.

Globally, more and more companies, such as Haier, Buurtzorg, Morning Star, and FAVI, are substituting traditional organizational structures with empowerment and shared decision making throughout the workforce. As they empower employees’ fulfilment and prioritise objectives over profit, these progressive organisations are truly defining 21st century management.

During this seminar, David Cunha, Head of Delivery & Consultancy, and Gonçalo Pereira from Agile Thinkers will share with the audience the evolutionary leap that is taking place in progressive organisations. Come and find inspiration from these pioneers and learn about new ways of working!

Free participation, subject to prior enrolment.
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