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Applications are Open.
A PhD implies studying at the frontier of knowledge, with the objective to contribute to its advancement in an academic environment where knowledge is shared, ideas and methods are discussed, and where there is always someone with whom you can share common interests. This is what ISEG PhD degrees have to offer. Now the choice is yours.

Funding Opportunities at ISEG

PhD Scholarships

Applicants for the School’s PhDs can apply for a variety of scholarships, namely FCT scholarships (granted by FCT or by ISEG research centres) and, in some cases, ULisboa scholarships. For further information, contact the PhD coordinator.

GTA Programme

The GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistants) Programme recruits every year a number of PhD students to teach and grade in the undergraduate or masters’ programmes at ISEG. A good opportunity for the first contact with teaching and also to help finance the PhD programme tuition fees. For further information, contact the PhD coordinator.

Research Centres

In some cases, PhD students can be enrolled in projects hosted by the research centres or be supported by them. For further information, contact the PhD coordinator.

Research Units

Each PhD programme is attached to the ISEG research unit most relevant to their field of study. All research centres have been accredited and received positive ratings from the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT).

Studying at ISEG has definitely been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life, both academically and personally.
I chose to study for a PhD in Economics in the hope that I would expand my theoretical knowledge and also to acquire the skills to apply this theoretical knowledge in both a practical and conceptual framework. I have also had the opportunity to present my work at a number of conferences in Portugal as well in China. I undoubtably recommend ISEG.
Zoë Venter
PhD in Economics
The PhD is a multidisciplinary and heterodox programme that has enabled me to acquire distinctive aptitudes to understand socio-economic development phenomena.
This programme is unique and simply cannot be found in most advanced economics courses. Overall, my experience has been very positive, with the PhD not only contributing to my growth as a professional, but also to my development as a citizen.
Diogo Maia
PhD in Development Studies — Researcher at CEsA – Centre for African and Development Studies Senior Economics Consultant at NEMUS – Gestão e Requalificação Ambiental
I believe Quantitative methods can provide extremely valuable management decision systems for any organization.
I decided to enroll in the MAEG PhD programme looking to enrich and develop my skills in that scientific field. My objective was fully met. From the excellence lecturing faculty, supervisors, teaching and research resources through the material and administrative supporting conditions, the PhD programme delivered everything I was expecting.
Liliana Pereira
PhD in Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management — Visitant Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado e Ave
In my PhD I found the ideal environment to study the most persistent problems of the modern world, but with a look rooted in history.
This experience in an institution capable of building bridges between the Humanities and the Social Sciences has proved decisive in my education. The most advanced schools stimulate technical competence, mathematical reasoning, without neglecting the importance of creativity and critical thinking as tools of the scientific method.
André Costa
PhD in Economic and Social History Economist
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