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Licenciatura em Finanças

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What is a Dual Degree?

A dual degree involves studying for two university degrees in parallel - at two internationally acclaimed universities, completing both of them in the time it normally take to study for just one degree. This involves:


(i) Spending the first year of studies at ISEG, and the third year at the Kozminski University


(ii) Being able to satisfy the degree entry requirements for both universities


(iii) Gaining two degree diplomas (a Bachelors in Finance from ISEG and a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance from Kozminski University).


(iv) Only paying tuition fees at ISEG (until the 3 rd Year), with no additional costs for studying abroad at Kozminski University in your 3rd year. Students are responsible for their own insurance, travel, housing, and daily living costs, as well as for the purchase of books, learning materials, and any other non-tuition fee costs for studying at Kozminski University.