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2010 Link

    WP27/2010/DE/UECE Nuno Crespo & Maria Paula Fontoura
    What determines the export performance? A comparative analysis at the world level  "
    WP26/2010/DE/SOCIUS João Carlos Graça, Rafael Marques, João Carlos Lopes
    Beliefs, values and attitudes of Portuguese population and their relationship with human and social capital "
    WP25/2010/DE/CEMAPRE Carlos Farinha Rodrigues & Isabel Andrade
    Monetary Poverty, Material Deprivation and Consistent Poverty in Portugal "
    WP24/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Pedro Gomes
    " Do fiscal imbalances deteriorate sovereign debt ratings?  "
    WP23/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Manuel M. F. Martins
    " Level, Slope, Curvature of Sovereign Yield Curve and Fiscal Behaviour "
    WP22/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Ana Sequeira
    Revisiting business cycle synchronisation in the European Union "
    WP21/2010/DE/UECE Cândida Ferreira
    Financial Integration in European Countries: Some Panel Evidence  "
    WP20/2010/DE/UECE João C. Lopes, Tanya Araújo, João Dias & João F. Amaral
    National industry cluster templates and the structure of industry output dynamics: a stochastic geometry approach   "
    WP19/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Christophe Rault
    Short and Long-run Behaviour of Long-term Sovereign Bond Yields   "
    WP18/2010/DE/SOCIUS Manuel Pacheco Coelho
    Rights Based Management and the Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy: An Evaluation of the Portuguese Experience "

    Nuno Crespo, Isabel Proença & Maria Paula Fontoura
    " The Spatial Dimension in FDI Spillovers: Evidence at the Regional Level from Portugal"

    WP16/2010/DE/SOCIUS/CEMAPRE Paula Albuquerque & José Passos
    Grandparents and women's participation in the labor market "
    WP 15/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Christophe Rault
    Long-run Determinants of Sovereign Yields   "
    WP 14/2010/DE/UECE Paulo Brito, Luís Costa & Huw Dixon
    " Non-Smooth Dynamics and Multiple Equilibria in a Cournt-Ramsey Model with Endogenous Markups "
    WP 13/2010/DE/UECE Maria Rosa Borges & Ana Sofia Branca
    The Impact of Corporate Rebranding on the Firm's Market Value "
    WP 12/2010/DE/UECE João Ferreira do Amaral, João Carlos Lopes & João Dias
    " External dependency, value added generation and structural change: an interindustry approach "
    WP 11/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Luís Costa
    Market Power and Fiscal Policy in OECD Countries "
    WP 10/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso, Hans Peter Grüner & Christina Kolerus
    " Fiscal Policy and Growth: Do financial crises make a difference? "
    WP 09/2010/DE/UECE António Afonso & Miguel St. Aubyn
    " Public and Private Inputs in Aggregate Production and Growth: A Cross-country Efficiency Approach "
    Wp 08/2010/DE/SOCIUS Horácio C. Faustino and Nuno Carlos Leitão
    " The Portuguese intra-industry trade and the labor market adjustment costs: The SAH Again    "

    WP 07/2010/DE/SOCIUS

    Joana C. Lima and Horácio Faustino
    " Factores Determinantes das Exportações Portuguesas para Espanha: Uma análise ao nível da empresa  " 
    WP 06/2010/DE/SOCIUS Wang Jing, Nuno Carlos Leitão and Horácio Faustino
    Intra-Industry Trade in Agricultural Products: The Case of China  "
    WP05/2010/DE/UECE/CESA Muradali V. Ibrahimo and Carlos P. Barros
    Capital Structure, Risk and Asymmetric Information: Theory and Evidence  "
    WP 04/2010/DE/UECE João Bernardino and Tanya Araujo
    " On Positional Consumption and Technological Innovation - an Agent-based Approach "
    WP 03/2010/DE Andrea Amaral, Margarida Abreu and Victor Mendes
    Contagion in Banking Crises: A Spatial Probit Model  "
    WP 02/2010/DE Margarida Abreu; Victor Mendes and João A. Santos
    " Home Country Bias: Does Domestic Experience Help Investors Enter Foreign Markets? "
    WP01/2010/DE/SOCIUS/UECE Paula C. Albuquerque and João C. Lopes
    " Economic Impacts of Ageing: An Interindustry Approach "