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The Department of Economics as a reference at ISEG

Welcome to the page of the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is an organic unit of the ISEG-Lisbon School of Economics and Management dedicated to the mastery and development of economic science. It is structured in five Scientific Areas: Applied Economics and Methods, International Economics and Development, Public and Welfare Economics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, all with a Coordinator. The President of the Department of Economics is directly elected by all its members and the Coordinators are elected by the members of each scientific area. At present, the Department comprises 68 teachers, with 7 being staffed by national and european institutions.

The Department of Economics has been under the current designation since 1984. However, it is the result of a much longer historical evolution, being the main depository of the legacy of the biggest names in economic science in Portugal. The teaching of economics in our institution was not limited to a mere continuity and was always characterized by openness to new ideas and theories. For example, one owes to him the introduction of Keynesianism in Portugal in the immediate postwar period. At the same time, we tried to equip the teaching of economics with the most modern techniques, as happened with the introduction of econometrics. Moreover, over time, the teaching taught here has preserved, in sometimes complex environments, a plurality of currents and methodologies under criteria of quality and accuracy.

In the current context of ISEG, the Department of Economics has special responsibility in the coordination and implementation of the Economics degrees, six Masters and two PhD Programs. In addition, it also assures curricular units of other courses, in close coordination with the other ISEG Departments.

Research in the Department of Economics has increased significantly in the last decades, contributing to the ISEG occupying a leading position in Portugal in the field of economics and management research, as well as in related areas. Most of the professors of the Department of Economics carry out their research at the REM - Research in Economics and Mathematics and CSG - Research in Social Sciences and Management, both recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

It should be noted that the Department of Economics, like all ISEG, has always manifested, in a wide variety of ways, a great openness and participation in the face of the problems of Portuguese society and the Portuguese-speaking world, in particular the transformations of the last decades, such as the processes of european integration, internationalization and development.

The Department of Economics will continue to help ISEG strengthen its position as a leading school in Portugal, but above all with internationally recognized prestige in teaching and research in economics and management.


ISEG, Lisbon, February 2019

The President of the Department of Economics