Cálculo Estocástico (2 º Sem 2019/2020)

MF (Mathematical Finance)

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Instruction for on-line examination


Instructions for examinations

(1st sit and 2nd sit)


Concerning the final examination of Stochastic Calculus, all students must proceed as follows.


1) At the appointed time (June 8th 9AM in first sit, July 6th 9AM in second sit), you should connect to the Stochastic Calculus Teams session (the same used for classes).

Please notice that everybody should be connected BEFORE the exam starts. Questions and requests for assistance in case of unforeseen events during the examination should be made through this Teams session.


2) At the same time, you must access your personal area in aquila, and proceed to 'Avaliação>Trabalhos', just like in the mock examination.


2) 10 minutes past the appointed time (i.e., at 9:10AM), aquila will give you access to the question sheet, in the form of a pdf file.


3) You are expected to write the replies in paper and take pictures or scan, like you use to do for the quizzes, with an important difference: The examination replies MUST BE UPLOADED TO AQUILA instead of being sent to my e-mail.

When you access the examination, you will also find an upload button for the replies.


4) The replies to all questions in the examination should be contained in a SINGLE PDF FILE, with as many pages as necessary.

If you are using your mobile phone or a similar device to picture your reply sheets, then you are advised to install an App like 'Genius Scan' or similar, which compiles several images into a single pdf file.

You can upload your replies as many times as you wish, the latest file replacing the previous one (if you try to upload each page as a different file, only the last one will be retained).


5) The examination lasts two hours. After that time (i.e., at 11:10AM), aquila will terminate your possibility of uploading any replies. Be very careful with this deadline.


6) All replies must be fully justified. In particular, all computations required to obtain the solutions must be included in the replies.


7) If you cannot access aquila when uploading your replies, but ONLY IN SUCH EMERGENCY, you can send the reply file to my e-mail address: mguerra@iseg.ulisboa.pt

In LAST RESORT, you can upload the reply file in Teams.


8) Any problem arising in connection to the examinations will be dealt following the rules published by ISEG.




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