Human Resources Management (2 º Sem 2020/2021)


Método de Avaliação

I. Students in the continuous assessment option

Three components will be considered:

1) Scientific article analysis in group - 30%

2) Mid-term individual test - 20%

3) Final individual exam - 50%


Note 1: The final individual exam has a minimum requirement of 8/20

Note 2: To remain in the continuous assessment option, students have to do all tasks, including oral presentations.


The final mark is the best of two cases:

- 30% article analysis + 20% mid-term test + 50% final exam

- 100% final exam


II. Students not in the continuous assessment option

The final mark is 100% of the final exam.


Note 3: All students are allowed to go to the first exam (June 17), whether or not they take part in the continuous assessment.


III. Additional information

- Students who pass the first exam are allowed to go to the second exam (July 4) if they wish to improve their grade. However, in this case the continuous assessment grades do not count.


- Students with a final mark between 8 and 9,5 have the option of an oral test to reach a passing grade.


- Students with a final mark over 18 will have to defend the mark in an oral test.