Microeconomics II (2 º Sem 2019/2020)


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Repeat Exam Grades

YThe Repeat Exam Grades are now on aquila, as is the exam with answers (look into “See More” – “Exams and Tests”). You can see your exam ― with marks and comments for each answer ― on MS Forms using the same links you used to take the exam. Should you have any further question please email me at jacintobraga@iseg.ulisboa.pt.
The grade sheet is here

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Repeat Exam

About the Exam:

·         You take the exam via MS Forms on the 2nd of June at 12 noon.

·         The exam has a duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes (1 hour and 50 minutes including brakes)

·         The exam consists of three parts: part 1 has 10 multiple-choice questions ― you get 0.75 marks for each correct answers and a deduction of 0.75/3 (0.25) marks for each wrong answer; part 2 has three open questions, and part 3 has two open questions, all carrying 2.5 marks each.

·         Part 1 of the exam starts at 9.00 and ends at 9.20. Part 2 starts at 9.35 and ends at 10.10, and part 3 starts at 10.25 and ends at 10.50.

·         The whole syllabus is covered in part 1, and again in parts 2 and 3.

·         To take the exam you have to enter the newly created MS team MI2-E | Época de Recurso. This is a special team newly created for the Repeat Exam only.

·         On the day of the exam, please enter your team at 11.45, and then at 12 noon we will post the exam link in Chat. You then follow that link to take the exam.

·         Special-need students will take the exam in a special Team and will receive further instructions by email.

Special norm for grade improvement (“melhoria de nota”):

§  According to 2019-20 2nd SEMESTER RULES (“REGRAS PARA EXAMES do 2º SEMESTRE 2019-2020”), approved by ISEG on the 20th of May 2020, “students who take the grade-improvement exam may be required to take an oral examination if their grade is 14 or higher and improves on the grade the student has previously obtained.”

§  If the oral examination takes place the grade will be decided by the lecturers and it can be up to 2 marks lower or higher than the grade in the grade-improvement exam.

Before the Exam:

Make sure you can log on to Office 365 using your ISEG credentials (get in touch with the ISEG computer helpdesk if you encounter any difficulties). You take the exam on MS Forms, therefore you need your Office 365 to work properly.

You must enter your MS Teams session on your Team at 11.45 am, 15 minutes before the exam starts, to allow us to check that you are there. This will also be the communication channel between you and us during the exam should you have any problem or should we need to provide any clarification.

Make sure you have everything you need for the exam: mobile phone, pocket calculator, and pen and paper for calculations and rough work.

During the Exam:

·         Make sure you submit your answers before the time allowed for each exam part ends. You may want to set an alarm clock to, say, 5 minutes before the time ends.

·         You can submit your answers only once in each part.

·         Report any problem you face to the invigilator on your Teams session. You may also send an email to jacintobraga@iseg.ulisboa.pt from your ISEG email (not from any other email).

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