Microeconomia Avançada (1 º Sem 2018/2019)

Método de Avaliação

There are two assessment options in Advanced Microeconomics: regular exam plus essay (early January) and the repeat-period exam (late January or early of February).

 Regular exam plus essay

This consists of an essay with 40% weight and the regular-period exam with 60% weight. To pass this unit your grade in the exam must be at least 7, and the weighted average must be at least 10 (grades are out of 20). The regular exam takes place in early January. The regular exam has two groups of two questions each, and you answer one question of your choice from each group. The essay is on a paper you choose from a list that will be made available in due time, along with more precise instructions. It cannot exceed 5,000 words.

 Repeat-Period Exam

This exam takes place late January or early February. It has two groups of three questions each, and you answer three questions of your choice, but with at least one from each group. In case you have submitted an essay, it will count with a 40% weight if it improves on your repeat-exam grade; otherwise, if your grade in the repeat exam is higher than that in your essay, your final grade will be just your repeat-exam grade.

 If you take the regular exam plus essay and fail, you can still take the repeat exam. If you take the regular-exam plus essay and pass, you can still take the repeat exam to improve your grade (you will need to register in the students office in this case, but not if you have not passed the unit yet).