Modelos de Taxa de Juro e Risco de Crédito (1 º Sem 2019/2020)

MF (Mathematical Finance)

Método de Avaliação

Students may choose between a continuous evaluation assessment regime or a simple regime.


  • In the continuous evaluation regime students grade will be based upon

Three online multiple-choice/closed form mini-tests (T) - 15%

Empirical Assignments (EA) - 30%

Final Exam (FE) - 55%


and computed as                Max( 0.15*T+0.3EA+0.55FE ; FE) 


To pass each student must have a minimum of 8 points (out of 20) in the Final Exam. The continuous evaluation grades may only be used during the 2013-2014 exam periods, and only once.


  • In the simple regime only the grade at the final exam will count (100% Final Exam).