Sociology (1 º Sem 2019/2020)


Linhas Programáticas

- The Sociological Lexicon. Some important Concepts. Sociology as the science of social paradoxes. What is "Sociological Imagination".

- The rise of the sociological endeavour. Reacting against the contractual founding myths. The three revolutions and the shaping of a critical perspective.

- The first sociological generation: Tocqueville, Comte and Marx. Defining a new discipline. Methodological Issues.

- Basic antinomies. The "Gemeinschaft" discussion. Modernization and Anomie. The problems of power and inequality.

- The "Turn of the Century Generation": Social facts and Ideal Types. Durkheim vs. Weber. Causality between statistical regularities and ucronic reconstructions.

- Religion and Society. Historical and functional analysis. Elementary forms and the elective affinities between capitalism and Protestantism.

- The Microssociological turn: Affiliations, conflicts, social circles. Simmel and Modernity. The Tragedy of Culture and the problems of urban life. Prototypical social types.

- Becoming American: The Rise of Sociology in the New World: From Pragmatism to Structural Functionalism. Parsons "Big theory" and Merton´s modesty. The Relativization of functional analysis.

- The truth is not out there. The Day to day life and dramaturgy. The Presentation of Self and the Social Construction of Reality. Are Emotions mature for sociological analysis?

- Closing the Gap: Economics seduction and the Rational Choice Paradigm. Coleman's big picture. What is left to decide?

- "Civilization and Kultur". Social refinement, mimesis, and distinction. Macro approaches to today's societies. Risk, Uncertainty, and Globalization.

- The Frankfurt Children: Critical approaches to the study of late capitalism. A new type of Society?

- Thinking Sociologically: 10 Social Problems waiting for 10 sociological answers given by eager students.