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      Carlos Farinha Rodrigues

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Seminar Session 05-03-2020

Seminar Session March 5th, 2020

Dear students of the Seminar in BA Economics

Next session of the Seminar will take place tomorrow, March 5th 2020 from 10 to 12 am.

All students attending the English-language BA Economics should go to Room 116 (F1).

The list with the names of the students and their topics is available on the Seminar webpage in the section Students-Topics.


Carlos Farinha Rodrigues 

Breve introdução

The Seminar at BA in Economics aims at creating the adequate conditions that will allow the students to pursue the following goals: i. Integrate the knowledge acquired in the several curricular units of the BA in Economics through theory-based empirical work on the reality of different economies and their insertion in several economic geographies and spaces; ii. Offer students a direct contact and deeper knowledge on the economic reality based on adequate and consistent research methodologies; iii. Stimulate students to finish the 1st cycle of studies (BA) to pursue their studies further to the 2nd and eventually 3rd cycles of studies (MA and Phd).