Simulação e Otimização (1 º Sem 2019/2020)

MQDEE (Métodos Quantitativos para a Decisão Económica e Empresarial)

Artigos e Livros Link

    • Clarke_Wright_1962 (Clarke_Wright OR(1962) Scheduling of vehicles from a central depot to a number of delivery points.pdf, 630KB)
    • Dantzig_Ramser_1959 (Dantzig_Ramser MS(1959) The Truck Dispaching Problem.pdf, 1,2MB)
    • Drexl_2012 (Drexl   LogisticsResearch(2012) Rich vehicle routing in theory and practice.pdf, 268KB)
    • Erdogan_2017 (Erdogan  COR(2017) open source spreadsheet solver for VRP.pdf, 3MB)
    • Fisher_2004 (Fisher Manag_Sci(2004) Langrangean Relaxation.pdf, 2MB)
    • Hillier_Lieberman_2015 (Introduction_to_Operations_Research_by_H.pdf, 19,1MB)
    • Mourao_Pinto_2017 (Mourao_Pinto Networks(2017) ARP Bibliography.pdf, 1,2MB)
    • Shalliker_Suleman_2012 (Livro_SIMUL8 Shalliker_AbdulSuleman_2012.pdf, 9,1MB)