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    Member of GLOBELICS, a network co-ordinated by Prof. B.-A. Lundvall (DRUID and Aalborg Univerity) (since 2003).


    Participated in AEGIS (Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Knowledge Based Economy), a project funded by the 7th RTDFP.


    Participated in the KEINS (Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Networks And Systems), a project coordinated by Prof. Franco Malerba (CESPRI/Bocconi Univerity), funded under the 6th Framework Programme, 2004-2006. 


    Was a member of PRIME, "Network of Excellence" funded by the 6th Framework Programme, 2003-2006.


    Participated in the TEARI Project, coordinated by Prof. Jan Fagerberg (TIK/U.I.Oslo), funded by the European Commission under the 5th RTDFP, 2002-2004.


    Coordinated CONVERGE, STRATEGIES AND POLICIES FOR SYSTEMIC INTERACTION AND CONVERGENCE IN EUROPE, a project funded by TSER, a program of the 4th RTDFP, 1999-2002. This project involved teams from six European countries (CISEP/Lisbon, CSIC/Madrid, SPRC/University College-Dublin, STEP/Oslo, BETA/Strasbourg, ISRDS-CNR/Rome).


    Has participated in ESST - European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology. Was Vice-President of ESST for International Relations in 1998-2001.