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Working papers


    Also available at  WP ISEG , Departamento de Economia.

    Alessandro Spelta & Tanya Araújo
    The topology of cross-bonder exposures: beyond the minimal spanning tree approach

    Alessandro Spelta & Tanya Araújo
    Interlinkages and structural changes in cross-border liabilities: a network approach

    Sven Banisch & Tanya Araújo
    Who replaces whom? Local versus non-local replacement in social and evolutionary dynamics

    Sven Banisch, Ricardo Lima & Tanya Araújo

    Aggregation and emmergence in agent based models: A markov chain approach

    Sven Banisch, Ricardo Lima & Tanya Araújo

    Agent based models and opinion dynamics as markov chains

    Samuel Eleutério, Tanya Araújo & R. Vilela Mendes

    Portfolios and market geometry

    Tanya Araújo, João Dias, Samuel Eleutério & Francisco Louçã

    How fama went wrong: Measures of multivariate kurtosis for the identification of the dynamics of N-dimensional market

    João C. Lopes  & Tanya Araújo

    The economic performance of Portuguese and Spanish regions: A network dynamics approach

    João C. Lopes, Tanya Araújo, João Dias & João F. Amaral
    National industry cluster templates and the structure of industry output dynamics: a stochastic geometry approach    

    João Bernardino and Tanya Araujo
    On Positional Consumption and Technological Innovation - an Agent-based Approach 

    Sven Banisch, Tanya Araujo and Jorge Louçã
    Opinion Dynamics and Communication Networks 

    Teresa V. Martins, Tanya Araújo, Maria A. Santos and Miguel St Aubyn
    Network Effects in a Human Capital Based Economic Growth Model

    Tanya Araújo and Francisco Louçã
    The Dynamics of Speculative Markets: The Case of Portugal's PSI20 

    Tanya Araújo and Francisco Louçã
    Tribes under Threat - The Collective Behavior of FirmsDuring the Stock Market Crisis

    Tanya Araújo and Francisco Louçã
    Bargaining Clouds, or Mathematics as a Metaphoric Exploration of the Unexpected 

    Tanya Araújo and Francisco Louçã
    Trouble Ahead - The Subprime Crisis as Evidence of a New Regime in the Stock Market

    Tanya Araújo and R. Vilela Mendes
    Innovation Success and Structural Change: An Abstract Agent Based Study

    Tanya Araújo and Gérard Weisbuch
    The Labour Market on the Hypercube

    Tanya Araújo and Francisco Louçã
    The Seismography of Crashes in Financial Markets

    Tanya Araújo and A.Martins da Silva
    Disturbance of patterns in EEG spatial correlations

    Tanya Araújo and R. Vilela Mendes
    Market-oriented innovation: When is it profitable? An abstract agent-based study

    Tanya Araujo e Francisco Louçã
    The Geometry of Crashes - A Measure of the Dynamics of Stock Market Crises

    Tanya Araújo e Miguel St. Aubyn
    Education, Neighbourhood Effects and Growth: An Agent Based Model Approach

    Tanya Araújo and R. Vilela Mendes: Function and form in networks of interacting agents