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    - Development in Transitions: Sustainable Transitions in the Anthropocene; Urban Development, Planning and Governance; Ecological Resources and Urban/rural Challenges.

    - Theories of Modernity and Development: Modernity or Modernities: theories and history; Trajectories of Development Thought; Rethinking Development in Times of Globalisation and Crisis.

    - Research Seminar: PhD Thesis, Literature Review, Research Design, Research Process, Research and Academic Writing.

    - Research Methods in Development Studies: Qualitative Methods: Focus Groups, Interviews; Quantitative Methods: Quantitative Research Process, Reporting Guidelines, Statistical Data Analyses, SPSS, Linear Regression Analysis; Case Studies; Mixed Methods in Development Studies.

    - Development Policy and Politics.

    - Topics of Development Studies.

    - Research softwares for qualitative methods (NVivo and Mendeley). Extra course at ULisboa.

    - Smart Cities and Internet of Things. Extension courses at ITS-Rio (Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro)

    PhD in Development Studies

    Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro