Gabinete Internacional de Mobilidade

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Free-mover students

Students interested in spending one semester or one academic year at ISEG/ULisboa, outside the scope of an exchange programme, may apply as free-movers.


Application Deadline:

      Fall Semester:       1st until 31st May            

      Spring Semester:   1st until 31st October



    - Students from ISEG's partner universities will be accepted with an authorization from their home institution;

    - Students must be officially enrolled in a Degree Programme at their home institution.


Application  :

     - ID card/passport;

     - Curriculum Vitae;

     - Transcript of Records;

     - Confirmation of enrolment from the home institution;

     - Certificate of B2 level in English or in Portuguese (depending on the language of lecturing);

     - Payment in the amount of 60€, non-reimbursed.


 The application is made exclusively online


Important  Notes:

     - Free-mover undergraduate students are allowed to take the minimum of 18 ECTS (or enrolled on

       three courses) and the maximum of 30 ECTS;

     - Free-mover master students are allowed to take the minimum of 18 ECTS and the maximum of 30 ECTS;

     - The enrolment on the courses will be subject to the availability of places;

     - To enrol for master courses, students must be enrolled at a master degree or have completed 3 years of

       a bachelor degree;

     - Free-mover students are not eligible for mobility programmes and are not entitled to complete a university

       degree at SEG;

     - Free-Mover students are required to organize all aspects of their study abroad independently

        (admission, enrolment and non-academic requirements such as visas, accommodation and travel,

         living and academic expenses).



     - The acceptance will be sent when the application period is closed.

     - The deadline for the payment of the whole fees will end two weeks after the confirmation of the acceptance,

       sent by e-mail.  

     - If the payment is not done within this deadline, we are not able to guarantee the enrolment at the courses

       approved in the Learning Agreement.

     - The Letter of Acceptance will be sent after the payment of the whole fees.


If for external reasons, the course is not offered at the start of the semester, the students may choose another course but the amount already spent will not be reimbursed.


The amount is also not refundable in case the student cancels the application later. 


Tuition Fees for the Academic Year of 2023/2024.

Bachelor Courses - 350 euros (per course).

Master Courses - 500 euros (per course).


For further questions, please contactInternational Mobility Office