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SS Guest Speakers   2019   Drs. Shoshana Grossbard

Drs. Shoshana Grossbard

    Teacher Biography


    Drs. Shoshana Grossbard

    San Diego University


    Pioneer in the Economics of Marriage and the Household

    Shoshana Grossbard is a Member of the Family Inequality Network, HCEO, U of Chicago and Professor of Economics emerita at San Diego State University. She is also a research fellow at the IZA Institute in Bonn, Germany, at CESifo in Munich, Germany, and at the Global Labor Organization in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Her research interests include labor economics, economics of the family, economics of gender, and law and economics. She earned her B.A. degree in Economics and Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and her Ph.D in Economics at the University of Chicago.

    Shoshana has published seven books, including The Marriage Motive (2015), and 80 peer-review book chapters and journal articles, including some in leading journals such as the Journal of Political Economy and the Economic Journal. Since 2017 she has published 7 articles and book chapters.

    Shoshana has been a mentor to young minority faculty (sponsored by the Diversity Initiative for Tenure in Economics) and young women faculty (sponsored by the Committee for the Status of Women in the Economics Profession). Shoshana is ranked among the top 5% of women in economics and of all economists according to REPEC (Research Papers in Economics) ;   ranked in the top 15% of tweeting economists (by # of followers), at @econoflove

    Founding and current editor, Review of Economics of the Household (REHO), 2017 impact factor 1.333
    learn more about REHO Journal here
    President and Founder, Society of Economics of the Household (SEHO).
    More info on the upcoming conference of SEHO in Lisbon here

    Member, Family Inequality Network, HCEO,U of Chicago; Fellow, IZA; Fellow, CESifo