Information Technology (1 º Sem 2020/2021)


Método de Avaliação

To pass this course, the student may opt to do an Assessment Throughout the Semester (ATS) or by a final exam​


Students who achieve a positive grade on the overall ATS evaluation (>= 9,5 over 20) will not have to do the final written exam; otherwise, the final exam will be mandatory (regular season or appeal season)​


It is highly recommended that students attend classes, in person and/or remotely. If not, completing the course successfully will be much more difficult​


Students with a positive grade in ATS, can still opt to do the final exam, thus abdicating the ATS grade; In this case, the final grade for the course will be the exam score, whatever it may be.​


The ATS will consist of 2 individual tests, with the following weights:​


Test 1 ( Excel, SI, Internet&Web, Architecture ) 50%​


Test 2 ( Databases, Phyton ) 50%​


Not performing any of the components of the ATS corresponds to score 0 on that component.​