Tópicos de Macroeconomia (2 º Sem 2019/2020)

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    Semester: 2 nd
    Credits: 7.5
    Contact hours: 6×120 min. lectures/seminars.
    Compulsory for: Ph.D. Programme in Economics.
    Workload: 200 hours.
    Formal pre-requisites: None.

    Aims and objectives Link

    Topics in Macroeconomics is one of the second-semester compulsory subjects for the Ph.D. Programme in Economics  at ISEG . The weekly workload is two hours and we anticipate 13 lectures/seminars.


    • Introducing recent research topics in macroeconomic theory.


    • To explain and evaluate macroeconomic models.
    • To apply macroeconomic models to practical economic and policy issues.
    • To show a knowledge of the macroeconomic literature in general, and the reading list in particular.


    De facto pre-requisites Link

    Students enrolled in Macroeconomics are expected to possess: