Tópicos de Macroeconomia (2 º Sem 2019/2020)

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    1. Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models: A primer.

    1.1. Simple dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models

    1.2. Imperfect competition

    1.3. The New Keynesian model


    2. Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models: Methods and applications

    2.1. DSGE models in practice: using Dynare

    2.2. TBA

    2.3. TBA


    3. Readings in Macroeconomics

    3.1. Economic growth and fiscal policy

    3.2. Fiscal-monetary policy interactions

    3.3. Financial markets and fiscal policy

    3.4. Imperfect competition and non-linear dynamics

    3.5. DSGE models with heterogeneous agents

    3.6. Quantitative easing, housing