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Claudio Marsilio


    Dados Pessoais

    Nome: Claudio Marsilio

    Email: clamarsilio@gmail.com

    Formação Académica

    Graduated in History at the University of Genoa (Italy)

    Ph.D. in Economic and Social History from the Bocconi University of Milan (Italy).


    Áreas de investigação

    He is a specialist in the economic and financial history of Early Modern Europe. His Ph.D. dissertation dealt with the Genoese bankers of the 17 th century.

    Other areas of research include: Economic and Social History; Early Modern European Financial History, Monetary and Credit History; the History of Monetary and Financial Systems; Spanish public and private finance (16 th-17 th centuries) and Early Modern European History.

    His research combines the study of various archival sources, including those, which are unpublished or previously unknown, and the literature concerning the historiography of my field of study.

    My work is based on some specific topics related to economic and financial history, covering three major areas:

    1. The role of the Genoese financial operators. My research has focused on their professional skill in connection with the emerging European financial markets of the 16 th- 17 th< centuries.
    2. The International exchange market and the mechanisms of international monetary compensation. Since my PhD dissertation, I have been interested in the exchange fairs of Early Modern Europe.
    3. The history of the earliest banks of Italy and Europe and in particular the cases of the Banco di San Giorgio (Bank of Saint George) in Genoa and the Wisselbank (Bank of Amsterdam) in the Netherlands.

    Currently he is investigating the role of the middleman as played by the Genoese and Portuguese financial and commercial, banker-brokers in several European centres (Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London and Venice), during the last decades of the 16th and the first half of the 17th centuries. His main field of research now is the Spanish silver trade of the 1620s-1660s.


    Situação Profissional

    He is a Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) Postdoctoral Fellow working at the Gabinete de História Económica e Social (GHES) - Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG) of the Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon - Portugal).


    Projetos de investigação

    Frontiere marittime nel Mediterraneo: quale permeabilità? Scambi, controllo, respingimenti (XVI-XXI secolo) [FIRB 2012 - Programma "Futuro in ricerca" protocollo RBFR12GBQZ] - coordinated by dr. Valentina Favarò (Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy).

    Los extranjeros y las reformas en la España borbónica: actitudes y respuestas de las naciones a las reformas carolinas desde una perspectiva comparada (1759-1793) [HAR2012-36884-C02-02] - directed by prof. Óscar Recio Morales (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain).


    Publicações Relevantes

    2013 - "Lisbon, London, or Genoa? Three alternative destinations for the Spanish Silver of Philip IV (1627-1650)", in G. Depeyrot (ed.), Three Conferences on International Monetary History, Wetteren,   pp. 399-413.

    2012 - "O dinheiro morreu. Paz à sua alma danada". Gli operatori finanziari del XVII secolo tra investimenti e speculazioni, Palermo: Associazione Mediterranea, ISBN: 978-88-96661-16-1.

    See: http://www.storiamediterranea.it/portfolio-category/ricerche/

    2012 - "The Genoese and Portuguese Financial Operators' Control of the Spanish Silver Market (1627-1657)", Journal of European Economic History, XLI/3, pp. 67-89.

    2012 - "Genoese Finance, 1348-1700", in G. Caprio (ed.), Handbook of Key Global Financial Markets, Institutions, and Infrastructure, Vol. 1, Oxford: Elsevier, pp. 123-132.

    2010 - "Four times a year for so many years. The Italian Exchange Fairs during the XVI th-XVII th Century: Comparing Financial Institutions", Bankhistorisches Archiv - Banking and Finance in Historical Perspective, 36/2, pp. 151-165.

    2008 - Dove il denaro fa denaro. Gli operatori finanziari genovesi nelle fiere di cambio del XVII secolo, Novi Ligure (AL): Città del silenzio edizioni, ISBN: 88-902359-7-7.