Development Studies

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Development Studies (DevStudies)


Development Studies Webinar «Reading EU-Africa Relations with Postcolonial Eyes»

Em 01-04-2021 das 18:00 às 21:00 / Online

Next Thursday, 1st of April at 18:00 (WET) Development Studies Seminars 2021 will be presenting the webinar "Reading EU-Africa Relations with Postcolonial Eyes", with the speaker Rahel Sebhatu (Malmö University, Sweden).

Rahel Sebhatu's research interests include postcolonial feminism, postcolonial theory, decoloniality, negotiation theory, diplomacy, critical security studies, (youth participation in) peacebuilding, Pan-Africanism, transnational activism and resistance. Sebhatu studies Global Politics in the Department of Global Political Studies of Malmö University, Sweden. Her doctoral research is focused on the negotiations for Africa-EU development cooperation so as to demystify negotiations between “weak states” and the “powerful” EU, through a critical analysis of negotiation theory, especially that of intercultural communication, while also engaging with postcolonial politics of development and critical debates on Normative Power Europe (NPE).


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