Development Studies

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DevStudies Investigação


    Organic Management Research Unit:



    CEsA - Center for African and Development Studies (former Center for African, Asian and Latin American Studies) is a research centre within the Lisbon School of Economics and Management at the University of Lisbon.  CEsA it is a research center within the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG) at the Universidade de Lisboa,  is dedicated to the study of economic, social and cultural development, with special focus on countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and also Europe. Additionally, CEsA also promotes research on any other theoretical or applied topic in development studies, in other regions generally or across several regions.


    CEsA participates on educational activities at ISEG, in the Master's on Development and International Cooperation (MDCI) and PhD on Development Studies. The relationship is manifested in various ways: two representatives of CEsA sit on the MDCI Academic Board; one representative of CEsA sit on the PhD Academic Board; CEsA gives support and teaches various modules; it collaborates in organizing and running the Master's and PhD Degree research seminar; and it supervises students' final theses whose development the Centre tries to fit into its lines of research.
    The Centre's activities in the research and thesis supervision encompass the following topics in particular: economic growth and development, globalization and regionalism, institutions and institutional change, governance and public policies, financial systems and development financing, cooperation for development, economic and social history of colonization, migrations and diasporas, nation and Portuguese-speaking identities, urbanization and development.


    Internationalization is also an important objective for the Centre. This has been pursued through participation in international networks and joint research programmes, as well as through the establishment of incentives to ensure its researchers are increasingly published abroad. CEsA also organizes seminar and conference programmes, separately or in tandem with the MDCI and PhD, in which there is a high level of participation by international guests.