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DevStudies Mundo Crítico

Mundo Crítico

    Mundo Crítico: Revista de Desenvolvimento e Cooperação


    "Mundo Crítico" is a Portuguese Journal on Development and Cooperation, edited by CEsA - Centre for African and Development Studies in partnership with ACEP. 
    In an Era of multiple challenges, from the local scale to the global scale, "Mundo Crítico" aims to respond to the need for debate between public and private social actors, of a larger or smaller scale, geographic or thematic, with a critical, persistent and dialogic commitment. It seeks to provoke unlikely dialogues between text and image, between art and science, between academics, artists, technicians, and people who speak Portuguese in different geographical or cultural spaces. The debate is intended to be comprehensive, with special focus on the social, economic or political changes taking place in the world of which we are a part.
    The guideline of this space is based on a vision of development as multidisciplinary social action and complementarity between various actors, individual and collective. It considers that cooperation between peoples is one of the pillars on which a common vision of human rights, well-being and progress can be built for humanity, today and for future generations.
    A journal of critical thinking to reflect and to act.

    Editorial board

    Alexandre Abreu, CEsA/ISEG-UL
    Ana Filipa Oliveira, ACEP
    Carlos Sangreman, CEsA
    Luís Mah, CEsA/ISEG-UL
    Fátima Proença, ACEP



    Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua
    FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia