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HRM Conference 2021

    Welcome to the 3rd International HRM Conference - 2021


    Conference Theme: Human Resource Management contribution to Sustainability


    Human resource management can promote a “sustainability mindset” and contribute to meeting sustainability challenges.


    We invite researchers at this conference to explore the importance of:


    ·        Green Human Resource Management practices and how Human Resource Management contributes to Sustainability Oriented Performance

    ·        The well-being and inclusion of employees in realities that address human resource policies and practices that are sensitive to various stakeholders and inclusive in nature. Human resource practices contribute to the sustainable careers of employees, so it is particularly interesting to study how to reshape jobs and improve sustainable employability, while respecting local cultures

    ·        The role of e-leadership and sustainability, considering the technological basis of the “home-office” situation, questioning the future reality after the Covid-19 pandemic about the emergence of a new logic for Human Resources Management that redesigns the HRM practices to maintain commitment after the pandemic. 



    We hope that this conference will be a meeting place for looking at diversity and cultures, thus providing a unique moment to unfasten new paradigms with regard to Human Resource Management.