Summer School

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    Fees (includes all material required for courses and Direct access to Meetings)



    • How to apply

      Enrollment in the course (s) will be done through the online application form.

    • After completing the registration form you will receive the confirmation by email a nd the data to make the payment.

    Note: At the time of registration, the entire course must be paid for. As soon as a given course reaches its limit number of places, the registrations may close before the indicated date.

    We would like to alert you that in order to be eligible for the certificate of attendance, you must at least attend 8 out of 12 hours of the course.


    • Number of participants

    • The maximum number of participants is 30 per course


    • Application and Payment Deadlines

    Entries for all courses will run from April 1 to May 31. After these dates and if there are vacancies, in the courses that you want to attend, you can still sign up using the waiting list.


    • Tipping

    • Prepayment fee (until May 31, 2019): € 200 (€ 100 per course)

    • Early payment fee for students (until May 31, 2019): € 90 per course

    • Regular fee: € 150 per course

    • Tuition for students: € 100 per course

    Tuition fees should include: all materials necessary for each course. Information about accommodation and catering near the area will be provided.

    Note: Teachers from ISEG and the University of Lisbon pay 50% of the amounts indicated for the general public.