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Crediting and Conversion

In order to help with the accreditation process, we provide, through annually updated tables, information for consultation regarding compulsory curricular units in the 2nd and 3rd year of the recommended programmes of the six ISEG degrees, for which accreditations have already been requested and approved by the respective coordination teams for students on erasmus/exchange mobilities.

Purpose :  Consultation of information by interested parties in order to facilitate the academic recognition process that is necessary when undertaking international mobility. All these accreditations will be automatically approved for the current academic year, after confirmation of the academic offer of each foreign Higher Education Institution.

We would like to emphasise that the process for submitting study plan proposals continues, not least because new correspondences can be proposed between foreign UCs and ISEG UCs each academic year. And also because some of the Partner Universities, due to their new or very recent agreements, are not yet represented in these Tables.

Note : The foreign curricular units selected by students for credit in the group of electives of each degree, are freely chosen within the scientific areas of ISEG, namely: Mathematics, Management, Economics, Social Sciences and Foreign Languages (except for the "Finance" degree where languages are not allowed), as long as they do not repeat similar programme content to an ISEG UC already attended, so there is no need to list them in a table.

Equivalence Tables

Conversion of Ratings

Based on Regulation for Accreditation and Curriculum Integration of Professional Experiences and Academic Training at Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Diário da República n.º 175/2018, Série II of 2018-09-11, Dispatch n.º 8688/2018, and other sources, a new methodology was approved for converting grades obtained in Foreign Higher Education Institutions in the scope of Mobility Programs.

This methodology aims to make the conversion process, within the scope of the Erasmus program and other exchange programs, more intuitive, quick and transparent, making it available for consultation by all students: