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ISEG is a world-class School of Economics and Management in Portugal, with a strong international reputation, which is recognised for the quality of its graduates. Our programs are accredited and recognized by reputed international entities and rankings, such as AACSB, AMBA and the Financial Times.

ISEG was the 1st school of Economics and Management founded in Portugal, officially in 1911. Our distinguished Alumni of all generations make us proud with their contribution to society, both in the private sector and in the public sphere, throughout the world. We are celebrating our 111th anniversary in 2022 – would you like to join us?
It is with great pleasure that I remember the classes, the individual and group works, which developed the students' collaborative capacity.
The service to the community, companies and students, over generations, was and still is a contribution that must be praised, with immense appreciation and gratitude. Thank you ISEG!
Virgílio Lima
President of Montepio
ISEG gave me everything I needed to be able to graduate as a (scientific) economist, person, and decision maker.
Mário Centeno
Governor of Banco de Portugal
ISEG enabled me to believe in myself. It permitted me to realise that there are no impossibilities or barriers.
Ana Figueiredo
CEO of Altice
ISEG is making a difference and is developing the curious minds of managers and economists who will build Portugal’s future.
Madalena Cascais Tomé
Bachelors in MAEG — CEO SIBS Forward Payments Systems
ISEG has always been a plural and eclectic space, where tradition coexists with the constant advance of the frontiers of knowledge. It is a great satisfaction to have been a student and a professor at this School.
Pedro Leitão
CEO of Banco Montepio
University is not only about what we learn in lectures – it's also about networking and engaging with different people, learning while collaborating with other people, sharing opinions, or just listening.
I gained all that from ISEG: a combination of technical skills with soft skills, which furthered my development as both a professional and a person.
Sandra Vera-Cruz
Bachelors in Management — Managing Director, Mondelez Portugal
The school that we graduated from – our alma mater – played a very special role.
I am proud to say today that I studied at ISEG – where I learned relevant subjects, made friends for life, read books that I would never have read otherwise, learned to work in teams, managed to pass systematic tests and learned how to start all over again every 6 months. I am grateful and in debt to our School for all of this, and for much more that ISEG has given me.
Paulo Macedo
Bachelors in Management — CEO of Caixa Geral de Depósitos
I am very grateful to ISEG for the lessons, the knowledge, the opportunities and the friendships.
I hope that ISEG will add 1,000 more years to its current 111 years, educating generations of students, whom it makes believe in social mobility, equal opportunities and meritocracy, just as it did to me and my colleagues from my degree. Thank you ISEG.
Ana Luísa Virgínia
Bachelors in Management — CFO of Grupo Jerónimo Martins
It is with great pride that I belong to the family of ISEG, which has nurtured so many and such good talents in this country.
I feel highly aligned with the vision and values of this school: a vision of contributing to the economic and social development of our country and the values of diversity and ethical plurality, as well as social responsibility and all the intellectual freedom that has always characterised this school.
Pedro Castro e Almeida
CEO Banco Santander Portugal


ISEG's facilities combine tradition and innovation, consisting of five buildings situated on a fully integrated campus in the heart of the city of Lisbon.

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