Environmental sustainability for businesses (1 º Sem 2019/2020)


Linhas Programáticas

- Global concepts of sustainability and environment useful for businesses;
- National and international reference policies and regulations;
- Introduction to environmental sustainability tools;
- Case studies of environmental and sustainable intervention areas in companies.

Concepts such as strong and weak sustainability, natural capital, introduction to the circular economy and dematerialization, and environmental and social externalities of businesses are addressed. International and normative policies on natural resources, waste prevention and control, energy efficiency, climate change and green procurement for businesses will be lectured.

An overview will be made to the different sustainability and environmental tools related to energy efficiency, carbon inventory, greenhouse gas reduction, green value chain management, supplier engagement, and environmental life cycle assessment. The main areas of intervention in the companies that will be addressed in case study mode include: materiality assessment and stakeholder involvement; environmental management; sustainable and green marketing; incentives and workers environmental education; ecosystem services and biodiversity; sustainability reporting; assessment and sustainable investments.

Knowledge will be obtained through presentations, small group discussions, practical exercises and case studies.