Generalized Linear Models (2 º Sem 2019/2020)

ECO , ECN , FIN , GES , MNG , MAEG , CA (Actuarial Science)

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Canal: Generalized Linear Models -

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Instructions for the regular exam

Instructions for the regular exam – June 12 2020


  • The exam has two components: the theory and the practical.

  • Both exams are monitored via Zoom. The students will receive the credentials for two Zoom meetings, one for each component, on the day of the exam.

  • The papers for each of the parts are going to be available via Aquila; the theory part at 15:00 and the practical part at 17:30. 

  • We start with the theory, which has a duration of one hour and 45 minutes. That exam should be answered on one side of A4 sheets of paper. At the end of the exam, the student has 15 minutes to scan the answers into a single PDF file. This file should be submitted via Aquila until 17:00. This file should be named 12345.pdf, where 12345 is the student number, and its size cannot exceed 4MB.

  • For the duration of this part of the exam, the student should have the camera on and positioned in such a way that the instructor can see the student's work environment. The microphone should be muted.

  • For the theory part, an approved calculator and the Formulae and Tables for Actuarial Examinations may be used. No other material, digital or otherwise, can be consulted.

  • The practical component starts at 17:30 via a different Zoom meeting. The slides and the R code that were made available during the classes can be consulted. The R in-built help system can be used as well.

  • The answers for this part should be compressed into a single file named and submitted via Aquila until 18:30.

  • During the duration of the practical part, the student should have the camera on, the microphone muted, and may be requested to share the screen with the instructor.

  • The exams are individual. We consider academic fraud any attempt to obtain help or guidance from a third party.

  • On May 20, the Dean published a document entitled “Rules and regulations for exams -- 2nd semester 2019-2020" which regulates any missing points in this list. 

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