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27.05.2019 a 28.05.2019

Conference | SEHO - Society of Economics of the Household

On the 27 th and 28 th of May. Registration and Further Information:

29.05.2019 a 31.05.2019

LxDS Spring School 2019

The  LxDS-Lisbon Dynamical Systems group, the Mathematics Department of Ciências, ISEG, CEMAPRE, REM and CMAF-CIO are organizing a 3-day spring school (29 th to 31 st May) on dynamical systems to be held at Faculdade de Ciências/ULisboa. 

30.05.2019 a 01.06.2019

Spring School | Lectures in Socioeconomic Transformation | Enrolment now open

From the 31 st of May to the 1 st of June. Participation is free, subject to pre-enrolment on this link.

30.05.2019 a 01.06.2019

Lectures in Socieconomic Transformation

25.06.2019 a 28.06.2019

ISEG Summer School 2019