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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Publicar Publicado em: 02-04-2020

ISEGG - The Easter Challenge


To liven up the days when social isolation is imperative, ISEG will launch a challenge!

ISEGG - Easter Challenge is a kind of “Easter egg hunt” in the digital world, now that Easter break is coming.


The challenge (exclusive in English) is to identify the correct answers to the question that ISEG asked in the form available for that purpose. The form already contains all the clues and puzzles that can help you find the correct answer. How do you know which answer is correct? During the challenge, from 2nd to 10th of April, keep an eye on ISEG’s social media.


Each question is assigned a single correct answer, so look carefully! For each correct answer you will receive a score. At the end of the challenge, the participants with the highest number of points will be ranked first. If two participants are tied, at the end of the challenge, the fastest one to reply to the challenge will have the tiebreaker. 


The challenge ends on 10th April, but you have until 11th April, at 23:59, to send the form with all the answers and have your “fingers crossed”!


If you are curious, see the form here.

We can start with the first clue: if you want to participate, we suggest that maybe you should read our rules here.