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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Stochastics & Computational Finance 2015 | From Academia to Industry

Em 06-07-2015 às 09:00 a 10-07-2015 às 18:00

An internacional conference about  Stochastics & Computational Finance 2015 - From Academia to Industry will take place at ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa, from 6  to 10 July

This conference is organized by ISEG and CEMAPRE, the Centre for Applied Mathematics and Economics.

The conference welcomes academicians from the top-tier research centers and experts from the financial industry, to talk on the most recent developments in the field of financial mathematics. The wide program of talks is combined with unique opportunities to network and exchange ideas.

This conference will focus on research and practice in financial mathematics and computaion, aiming to attain a proficuous interplay between academicians and practitioners. Its goals are:
  • To foster collaborations among mathematical and computational scientists, and researchers and practitioners in financial industry;
  • To foster collaborations in the use of mathematical and computational techniques in quantitative finance in the public and private sector;
  • To provide an opportunity for advanced students to develop competences on financial mathematics and computation;
  • To bring together students and specialists both from academy and industry.

  • Stochastic Analysis and Control Theory in Finance
  • Lévy processes in Finance
  • Interest Rate Modelling
  • Credit Risk Modelling
  • Portfolio Management
  • Models for Risk Management
  • Commodities Markets
  • Computational Methods and High Performance Computing in Finance
  • Market Microstructure

Who should attend?
The Conference is addressed to academics, practitioners, and advanced students in quantitative finance.

More information


CEMAPRE (Rua do Quelhas 6, 1200-781 Lisboa, Portugal)
For any information please contact by e-mail: