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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Call for Papers | Interdisciplinary Futures: Open the Social Sciences... 20 Years Later

This is a conference on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of a small book published in 1996, Open the Social Sciences: Report of the Gulbenkian Commission on the Restructuring of the Social Sciences. This Report by the multidisciplinary Gulbenkian Commission, led by Immanuel Wallerstein, analysed the situation in the social sciences, its origins, and possible futures, making recommendations for improvement largely based on ideals of interdisciplinarity. These ideals have gained ground more broadly since then in the academia. It is now an opportune time to revisit the themes and suggestions of the Report. What is the situation today? How does - and should - interdisciplinarity shape the future of the social sciences?

The deadline of submitting papers or full sessions is 15 September 2016.

This conference will take place at Gulbenkian.

Organised by  INTREPID and  TINT with support from the  Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation 

Conference Organizers:
Uskali Mäki, Olivia Bina, Marta Varanda (SOCIUS, ISEG).

Keynote speakers:
Immanuel Wallerstein"Forty Years Later: Are the Social Sciences More Open?"
Björn Wittrock: "Social Sciences in Their Contexts: Five Transformative Periods"
Felicity Callard"The Social Sciences, Life Sciences And Humanities: Shifting Plate Tectonics"


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