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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Masters & PhDs Study Fair 2017

Em 19-04-2017 a 20-04-2017 / Salão Nobre, ISEG


At this event you will have a chance to plan your future by meeting the programme coordinators for a one-to-one chat. 

Why come along? 
Because, as a graduate, further study is often the next step in the development of your career prospects, or even for a change in career direction.

This event offers: 
- Information about which Masters or PhDs you can study, and which one is the most suitable for you. 
- Personal contact with course coordinators - your chance to find out if a particular course would suit you. 
- The chance to get to know all the applications procedures 
- An opportunity to get to know the School Campus 

Masters Day | 19th April | 17:00-19:00  - POSTPONED - NEW DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON
To participate, please register by 17th April. 

PhDs Day | 20th April | 17:30-19:30 
To participate, please register by 19th April.