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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


International Conference on Computational Finance 2017

Em 04-09-2017 a 08-09-2017 / ISEG

We are very pleased to announce the  International Conference on Computational Finance 2017 - ICCF 2017 which will take place on the 4-8 September. The conference is  organized by  ISEG and  CEMAPRE - Universidade de Lisboa.

Two prestigious journals, both indexed on  ISI and SCOPUS  welcome high quality papers, accepted after review:
- AMF - Applied Mathematical Finance
- IJCM - International Journal of Computer Mathematics

ICCF 2017
 is the second of a biannual series of international conferences in  Computational Finance launched by the consortium of the European project F.P. 7 project entitled  Marie Curie ITN STRIKE - Novel Methods in Computational Finance 2013-2016.  The first edition took place in December 2015 at the University of Greenwich.

Lisbon ICCF 2017 covers a large number of topics and offers several Thematic Sessions and Mini-symposia for the presentation of papers. A booklet containing extended abstracts/ short papers will be published by September 4 (see Proceedings).

Further details about ICCF 2017 can be found on the website , where you can register and also submit your paper.


>> Link Conference Website