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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


28th ERES Industry Seminar

Em 25-10-2019 às 14:30 / Aud. CGD

On the 25 th of October ISEG will host the 28 th ERES Industry Seminar, jointly organised by the European Real Estate Society (ERES) and ISEG.

This session will take place in Auditorium CGD.

Take this opportunity to update your knowledge with world-class speakers in Real Estate.

Registration is required and vacancies are limited. Register now here .


2.30pm-3.00pm | Registration
3.00pm-3.15pm | Welcome and Opening Address

  • ISEG Dean Clara Raposo  
  • PGT Real Estate Management and Appraisal Representative
  • ERES Representative 

Session 1:  The international investment in the residential property 
3.15pm-3.45pm |  Philip Wedge-Bernal - Senior Analyst - EMEA Residential Research at JLL 

3.45pm-4.45pm | Panel Discussion 
Philip Wedge-Bernal (JLL), Ricardo Veludo (Lisbon City Council), Patrícia Barão (JLL), José Cardoso Botelho (Vanguard Properties) / Panel Moderator: João Carvalho das Neves 

4.45pm-5.15pm | Coffee Break 

Session 2:  Synchronization in global housing prices  
5.15pm-5.45pm |  John V. Duca - Vice President - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas  

5.40pm-6.45pm | Panel Discussion 
John V. Duca (Vice President - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas); Martin Hoesli (Prof. University of Geneva) Aniceto Viegas (CEO Avenue); João Madeira (Head of Assets Portfolio Management at Sonae Capital) / Panel Moderator: Joaquim Montezuma de Carvalho 

6.45pm-7.15 pm | Sunset Cocktail