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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


Seminário "Há lugar para um Arquitecto de Sistemas num grande retalhista? Porquê? Para quê??

Em 25-11-2011 das 18:00 às 20:00 / Edifíco Quelhas, auditório III

António Murta - Managing Partner and co-founder of Pathena.

António is a Managing Partner and co-founder of Pathena. Also, António serves as a Non Exec Board Member of 2 companies of Pathena's portfolio

António has a degree in Systems Engineering from Minho University, MBA from the ISEE (University of Porto), AMP from INSEAD. Has also done post-graduate studies at ISEE and MIT.

From 1991 to 1997 he was Corporate Information Officer of Sonae Distribuição, the largest Portuguese retailer.

He founded and was CEO of Enabler from 1998 onwards - Enabler was a systems integrator strictly focused in Retail. This company was acquired by Wipro in 2006 and from then to the end of 2009 he was VP of Retail Services at Wipro.

He is also a founding partner of various other IT companies connected - Mobicomp (now part of Microsoft) , ITPeers, Profimetrics, QuiiQ, Cardmobili.

António is also a Member of the General Board of University of Minho and he collaborates with COTEC Portugal.