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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


WORKSHOP | European Economic Integration: Present and Future Challenges

Em 20-06-2014 a 21-06-2014 / Amphitheatre 1 | Floor 4 | Quelhas 6

European Economic Integration: Present and Future Challenges

20th - 21st June 2014, Lisbon, Portugal


Jointly organized by

INFER - International Network for Economic Research
ISEG-ULisboa - School of Economics and Management of the Universidade de Lisboa
UECE - Research Unit on Complexity and Economics


Workshop objectives: The workshop provides a platform to present and discuss theoretical and applied research on the present and future challenges of European economic integration.


Workshop topics: Researchers are invited to submit both theoretical and empirical papers. In particular, we welcome papers related to the following topics, analysed within the European framework:


·      Economic growth and migrations
·      European banking union
·      European integration
·      European monetary policy
·      Financial integration
·      Financial market regulation
·      Fiscal policy integration
·      Insurance and pension funds
·      International trade and economic geography
·      Risk management
·      Social security system design


Guest speakers

·         Gabriel Felbermayr - CESIFO, Ifo Institute,  Leibniz-Institutefor Economic Research at the University of Munich

·        João de Sousa Andrade - University of Coimbra

·        Stuart Hollande - University of Coimbra


Scientific Committee:

·        Abel Fernandes - University of Porto
·        Alberto Bagnai - University of Pescara
·        Ansgar Belke - University of Duisburg-Essen
·        António Afonso - ISEG - ULisboa and UECE
·        Cândida Ferreira - ISEG - ULisboa and UECE
·        Camelia Turcu - University of Órléans
·        Christian Richter - University of Bedfordshire
·        Clara Raposo ­- ISEG-ULisboa
·        Daniel Mirza - University of Tours
·        Elias Soukiazis - University of Coimbra
·        Filipe Aleman Serrano - ISP
·        Isabel Vieira - University of Évora
·        Iulia Siedschlag - ESRI
·        Jan Babecký - Czech National Bank
·        Jan Van Hove - KU Leuven, HUBrussels
·        João Ferreira do Amaral - ISEG - ULisboa and UECE
·        João Pedro Vidal Nunes - ISCTE
·        Jorge Barros Luís - ISEG - ULisboa and Montepio Geral
·        Jorge Santos - ISEG - ULisboa and UECE
·        José Soares da Fonseca -  University of Coimbra
·        Makram El-Shagi - Halle Institute
·        Maria Teresa Pereira - ISGB
·        Matthieu Crozet - University of Paris 11
·        Michael Stierle - European Commission
·        Nazaré Barroso - ISEG - ULisboa and ISP
·        Teresa Garcia  - ISEG - ULisboa


Organization Committee:

·        Cândida Ferreira ( candidaf@iseg.utl.pt) - ISEG-ULisboa and UECE
·        Maria Teresa Garcia ( mtgarcia@iseg.utl.pt) - ISEG-ULisboa

·        Workshop Secretariat: Sandra Araújo - UECE ( ueceevents@iseg.ulisboa.pt)

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