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Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG)


MBA ISEG | Sessão de Esclarecimento

Em 27-05-2014 às 18:30 / Quelhas 6 | Piso 2 | Auditório BES





27th of May | 18.30


Over the last 30 years the ISEG MBA has inspired the individual talent of those who have studied with us and has trained managers who are well-known in the business world.


The feedback that we have received from our students and alumni  informs us that the ISEG MBA was a key component in their professional and personal advancement.  
The Press  has visibly shown more interest in our part-time programme, which is unparalleled in the market, and this leads us to believe that we are on the right road in terms of training professionals who are able to integrate in any company, in any corner of the world!


Our programme is the best choice in the market in terms of value for money for MBAs on offer in Portugal. The programme includes a demanding, but balanced, component in the field of management, together with a skills-development component which includes outdoor training.  


Bearing this in mind, we would like to invite you to a QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION which will take place on the 27th of May, at 18.00, where, apart from learning more about the programme, you can exchange opinions with the management of the ISEG MBA, as well as with current and ex-students, and also have the opportunity to get to know the ISEG campus and the study environment and the camaraderie which is prevalent at ISEG.


Enrol by the 26th of May, using this link .