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The library's readers are teachers, researchers, students, ISEG employees, as well as permanent external users and students of the University of Lisbon, all of whom are allowed to read and use the spaces.

rules of conduct

The Library is a workplace and users must refrain from making noise or disturbing other users.

Cell phones must be put on silent mode.

Eating and drinking is not permitted in the reading rooms.

Users are advised not to leave personal items on tables in reading rooms.

The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage.

Pets are not allowed, except guide dogs. 


on-site loan

Personal lending (consultation of works in the library space) covers all works and exclusively reserved works, periodicals, reference works, dictionaries and publications from the reserved fund.

home loan 

Home loan is only possible for teachers, researchers, students, ISEG employees and permanent external users.  

What can you request for a home loan??

All publications can be requested for home reading, except for periodicals, reference works, dictionaries and publications from the reserved fund, with on-site loan available. 

How to locate the work on the shelf?

The dimension of the works reflects the subject dealt with in the same and the respective color label on the spine:

The shelves are organized in alphanumeric order, starting with A (2nd floor) and ending with Z (3rd floor).


For works located in “Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão ISEG (iseg)”

Quota: HB171.5.K56 1976


First, locate the floor with the letters HB (floor 2), red in color. Once the area has been identified, the work is located on the shelf.

At the top of each shelf is a plate with the extreme dimensions (first and last) of that shelf. Once the shelf is identified, just follow the numbering of the subject and author and date. The order is alphabetical and the numbering is ascending.

When dimension is more complex: HC260.S9.E36 1976


The procedure is equivalent, the HC is located then, inside the HC the number 260, and then the S9.

For works located at “Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão ISEG-Deposito”, request the work from library staff.

How to order?

To request a publication, the reader must go to the reading room and go to the reception desk with the work to be requested.

Requisition Periods

The duration of the home loan varies depending on the type of document and type of reader:

 Bib. DidacticBib. General
Degree Students3 days8 days
Master's and Postgraduate Students3 days15 days
PhD students3 days30 days
Teachers/Researchers8 days30 days
External Users1 day8 days
The number of publications to order simultaneously
Degree Students2
Master's and postgraduate students4
Professors/Researchers/PhD Students20
External Users2

To renew the loan of a publication, the reader may go to the Library, with the requested work, or make the request by email.  email (, or directly in the bibliographic catalogue.

The reader loses the right to renew the loan term if he returns the publication in question after the deadline or if the Library needs it to satisfy other requests.

Reader's Obligations

Under any circumstances, the user is always responsible for the requested publication, having to indemnify the Library in case of damage or loss.

The reader is obliged to indicate his institutional e-mail address, and to keep it updated.


Late return

The return of publications after the loan period implies the application of the following penalties:

– Delays of up to 15 days – suspension of the right to request publications, while the delay is verified, and payment of a handling fee of €1.00 per day and for each publication retained. 

– From the 16th day of delay – in addition to the office fee and penalties mentioned above, the reader is subject to the suspension of the right to request publications for three (3) months, counted from the date of return. 

Loss, damage or theft

Damage to a publication is understood to be tearing, cutting, writing, underlining, scratching, soiling or wetting pages or covers, as well as tearing off or rendering useless any stamps or other signs placed by the services.

The loss or damage of publications implies their replacement or compensation for an amount equal to their price.

Users who attempt to withdraw publications from the library without prior request will be deprived of the right to request them for a period of one year and may be subject to disciplinary proceedings.

Cases not provided for in this regulation will be decided promptly by the person in charge of the Library.